custard with fruits

The easiest and delicious dessert ....Custard with fruits.

cooking time : 30 min

Required ingredients :
Whole Milk : 1/2Ltr
Cool milk : 1/4 Cup
Custard powder : 3 tbsp
Sugar : 8 tsp (you can change according to your sweet taste)
Fruits like banana, apple, grapes etc. or any seasonal fruits
cashew nuts and badam which r fried in ghee(optional)

step 1 : first boil the milk with sugar for 20 to 25 minutes stirr it continuously ,in the mean while dilute the custard powder in half cup of milk.
step2 : after boiling milk switch of the heat.then add diluted custared powder and again boil for 5 minute then the mixture becomes thick.

step3 : let it freeze for 3 to 4 hrs completely and add all fruits before serving .

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